Employee’s health and safety are a major concern for the companies; ISO 45001 standards are introduced to minimize potential risks to employees regarding their health and safety. It is an International Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS) specification. The process of OHSAS is as follows under:

Occupational Health & Safety Policy It starts with the process of developing and implementing policy and objectives mandatory for ISO 45001 which helps them to follow this management system smoothly.

Planning There is a planning process which is undertaken to decide what measures should be taken, and how that can be followed in their day to day activities for the prevention of occupational health and safety issues.

Implementing & Operation After the completion of planning, the next stage is how best you can implement those measures in order to minimize the risk while reducing the cost of the company. An operation should be followed by the organization while keeping in mind there should not be any disturbances in the day to day work of the employees.

Monitoring & Controlling It is very important to continuously monitor the policy which is followed by the company, so that there is no loophole left in the policy and if there is any requirement of further addition or removal in the process.

Management Review It is very important for the management to review the policy regularly in order to enhance the quality of results your organization is enjoying due to the implementation of ISO 45001.

Continual Improvement Last but not least; this should not be a onetime activity for the organization. It needs continuous improvements in the policy according to the changes in the organization and working environment.

Who is it for?

ISO 45001 is for all the organizations willing to become more efficient in managing and reducing accidents at their unit for the benefit of their organization, staff, and customers as well.

Role of Systems Concern in your company for getting ISO 45001 Certification

We will assist you in obtaining the ISO 45001 Certification, which will help your management system so that the establishment of safety objectives and processes necessary to deliver the results in a safe and effective manner. Our company will continue to be a part of your organization not only in the starting till obtaining the ISO 45001 certification, but we will provide our services post-certification to ensure the value-added to your business process.

How can we help you?

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