Kosher certification plays a very important role in increasing the sales of a food company. We at the Systems Concern will help to increase your sales and exports via kosher certification and help to market your kosher certified status.

Our consultants are extremely knowledgeable with the kosher certification procedures, trained in food production technology and are expert professionals in their respective fields in achieving an extremely reliable and the highest level of Kashrus Standard. We at the Systems Concern ensure that when you make an inquiry with us, your call is handled professionally and quickly which means you will get the answers you are looking for as and when you need them.


Why aren’t all NOW food products kosher certified?

  • Because of strict kosher guidelines, some products and ingredients are automatically ineligible, such as glucosamine, when it is derived from shellfish.
  • Some products and ingredients lack the required documentation and traceability.
  • Kosher certification can apply to other products, such as supplements and we are actively pursuing kosher certification for more supplements.


How will consumers know which NOW products are kosher certified?

  • All NOW kosher-certified products will eventually display the logo of the certifying agency on the product’s packaging.
  • Please note that certification for individual products takes time. As we add more kosher-certified products there will normally be a period of time where the certification logo will not yet appear on the label. For the most current certification status of our products please visit the product’s page on our website. We will immediately update a product’s website page to reflect its new kosher status once it is kosher-certified


What are the benefits of kosher foods?

  • As mentioned, the word kosher in Hebrew means “fit.” In modern slang, it’s used to denote something that’s pure or right. Kosher foods are pure foods that are fit for consumption under strict kashrut guidelines.
  • No blood or blood products are allowed. Animals must be healthy and slaughtered in a sanitary and humane fashion; diseased or corrupted foods and ingredients are not allowed. Animals that are considered unclean, such as pigs and shellfish, and bottom-feeding fish such as catfish, are not allowed.
  • Unintentional co-mingling of ingredients is not allowed. All instruments, equipment, and facilities must be thoroughly sanitized and must be cleaned and sanitized after each food is processed to ensure that no cross-contamination occurs.
  • With the safety of our food supply increasingly questioned, the stringent and sanitary production requirements for kosher foods are highly desirable. For many people, kosher foods are the pinnacle of purity, quality, and safety.

Do you require the KOSHER certification but don’t how to initiate the process then contact Systems Concern now.