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Your One-Stop Solution for OEKO-TEX® and STEP Certification

Certifications play a vital role in establishing the credibility and sustainability of businesses across industries. In the textile and apparel sector, two prominent certifications that businesses aspire to achieve are OEKO-TEX® and STEP (Sustainable Textile Production).

At Systems Concern, we understand the importance of these certifications and their impact on your brand reputation. As a leading consultancy company, we specialize in providing comprehensive services for OEKO-TEX® and STEP certification, assisting businesses in achieving their sustainability goals.

OEKO-TEX® is an internationally recognized certification system that sets stringent standards for textiles at all stages of production, including raw materials, manufacturing processes, and end products. It ensures that textile products are free from harmful substances and pose no risk to human health or the environment. Obtaining OEKO-TEX® certification demonstrates your commitment to producing safe and sustainable textiles.

STEP (Sustainable Textile Production) certification focuses on evaluating the sustainability performance of textile production facilities. It assesses factors such as chemical management, environmental performance, social responsibility, and quality management systems. Achieving STEP certification showcases your dedication to sustainable manufacturing practices and responsible business operations.

At Systems Concern, we have a team of experienced consultants who possess in-depth knowledge of the certification processes for both OEKO-TEX® and STEP. We offer end-to-end services to guide you through the certification journey, ensuring compliance with the necessary requirements. Our comprehensive services include:

  1. Initial assessment: We evaluate your current processes and practices to determine the gaps and areas that need improvement to meet the certification standards.
  2. Gap analysis and action plan: Based on the assessment, we provide a detailed gap analysis report and develop a tailored action plan to address the identified areas for improvement.
  3. Documentation support: We assist you in preparing the necessary documentation, including policies, procedures, and records, required for the certification process.
  4. Training and awareness programs: We conduct training sessions and awareness programs to educate your employees about the certification requirements and promote a culture of sustainability within your organization.
  5. Internal audits: Our consultants perform internal audits to assess your readiness for the certification audit and identify any non-conformities that need to be addressed.
  6. Certification audit support: We provide guidance and support during the certification audit, ensuring a smooth and successful audit process.

By choosing Systems Concern as your partner for OEKO-TEX® and STEP certification, you can be confident in achieving these prestigious certifications and differentiating your business in the textile and apparel industry.

To learn more about our services and how we can help you attain OEKO-TEX® and STEP certifications, please visit our website at www.systemsconcern.com. You can also reach out to us via email at info@systemscocnern.com for any queries or further information. Our team is ready to assist you in your sustainability journey.

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